Personalized Holiday Gifts For Everyone On Your List

Personalized Holiday Gifts For Everyone On Your List

The holidays are fast approaching. Yes, it’s “only” October but December will soon creep up on you and you’re going to regret not getting gifts earlier. If you have not written your Christmas shopping list yet, our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide is here to help you!

Find the perfect gift for everyone on your list, no matter the budget. For kids, moms, dads, co-workers and more!

Holiday Gift Guide 2021 - Personalized Gifts for Everyone on your List

1.  Popcorn Bowls

 personalized popcorn bowl

A personalized popcorn bowl is such a great present for your entire family, your best friend, your favorite co-worker… literally anyone! We have 2 types of popcorn bowls - ceramic and plastic. Both can hold up to 3 microwave popcorn bags.

Of course, the plastic variety is perfect for the little ones. Bowls are personalized with names and our adorable “popcorn” design!

2. Pillowcase

personalized pillowcase

Our personalized pillowcases are a hit for any occasion! With names added to them, these individualized pillowcases will hold sentimental values in years to come making them the perfect holiday gift for the younger kids.

The pillowcases come in a variety of designs and can match any kid’s interests, hobbies or even their favorite animals! From sports and race car pillowcases, to unicorn and princesses, you’re sure to find one that perfectly fits their bedroom decor. 

Not only are they unique, they’re cozy too! All of our pillowcases are made of super-soft, moisture-wicking and breathable 200 thread count soft spun polyesters.

3.  Jewelry Armoire

personalized jewelry box

A jewelry box is a classic Holiday gift for the little girls in your life. However, if you want your present to be a little more unique, go with our personalized jewelry armoire instead - they’re one of our bestsellers! 

Each jewelry armoire features three drawers and a spacious side compartment housing a nifty necklace carousel. With over 100 designs to choose from, we’re sure this gift will make someone happy on Christmas morning.

4. Cash Box
custom cash box for kids

Looking for a more practical gift? A personalized cash box is not only practical but valuable as well, and not just in terms of cash. Parents will appreciate this gift as it teaches kids the importance of saving money, goal-setting, discipline and delayed gratification.

The coin slot on top is even wide enough for folded paper money! Throw in a $20 bill and this may just be your Grandson’s favorite gift this yea

5.  Rocking Chair

personalized rocking chair for kids

Rocking chairs for kids make special holiday gifts. At MyBambino, we carry a variety of custom made rocking chairs for kids that are made from natural wood, solid wood and even sustainable Asian rubberwood.

Customize these rocking chairs with the lucky kid’s name on the backrest along with our huge selection of fun designs! These are perfect for kids rooms, classrooms, and even libraries, too

6. Bookends

personalized book end for kids

Here’s a gift for all the avid readers! They might already own bookends but you can make it more meaningful by personalizing the bookends with their names. It’s just something we specialize in here and hey - a reader can’t have too many bookends.

Made of durable wood composite, these customized bookends are strong enough to hold a heavy stack of books. It’s the perfect addition for kid’s book corners

7. Tables and Chairs Set

personalized tables and chairs for kids

Here’s another practical and equally enjoyable gift that our customers rave about. A personalized table and chair set would be received with joy not just from the kids but from their parents as well. They are a great addition to any playroom or children’s bedroom. Countless hours of activities - from tea parties to creating art - are bound to happen!

Our table and chair set is easy to assemble and you don’t even need any tools!

Are you ready to spread the joy of gifting with our personalized gifts?

Bring happiness to your loved ones this holiday season with MyBambino. We offer a wide array of unique and personalizable gifts for everyone on your list.

If you need help choosing the perfect Christmas gift, our dedicated team is always happy to assist. Happy holidays to all!

personalized tables and chairs for kids


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