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Once upon a time...

In 1991, at age 21, fresh out of art school, with the loving support and encouragement of my mother and entrepreneur father, MyBambino was born. It was a labor of love from the start. I longed to merge my passions - art, children, and beach living -and opened a store in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. The store debuted with a handful of children's products, made extra special once hand painted and personalized. The first day's sales were a meager $52 - half from friends and family : ). That fall, I printed a hand-drawn catalog at the request of tourist customers that wanted to shop once they returned home and our mail order was born.

Fast forward 29 years - much has changed but more has remained the same. I still LOVE LOVE LOVE helping our customers create one-of-a-kind heartfelt gifts. I am extremely proud of our timeless products - classic piggy banks, traditional table & chairs and jewelry boxes, like the one I had as a little girl. Cherished keepsakes that are useful and decorative.

The real thrill comes from you - our customer. It is the thoughtful combination of your personalization along with one of our MANY designs that makes every MyBambino gift a treasure - one that is undeniably for the special person and their magical moment it is intended for. The stories behind each order is heartwarming and has made creating personalized gifts for 30 years a joyous adventure.

michele stevens keen

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