10 Unique Personalized Gifts for your Grandkids Birthdays

Looking for a unique personalized gift for your grandkids?

A personalized gift will add that special touch for the little bambinos!

We know grandparents love spoiling their grandkids with gifts, especially when they turn a year older. Trust us when we say a personalized gift with their names on it will light up their faces like no other. Here’s a list of 10 unique gifts for grandkids that even their parents will approve of!

  1. Jewelry Box
personalized jewelry box

Every little girl would be thrilled to receive a personalized jewelry box! It’s a classic gift that will hold so much nostalgia as they grow older. With over 150 designs, our jewelry boxes can be personalized to match any room decor. The musical ballerina jewelry box is always a favorite gift for granddaughters!

  1. Rocking Chair
personalized rocking chair

Rock the socks off your grandkids with a personalized rocking chair! Our rocking chairs are available in white, natural and espresso and we have a variety of designs you can choose from. A rocking chair is sure to be a hit and you can even add their names on the backrest to bring a little extra sprinkle of joy.

  1. Piggy Bank
personalized piggy bank

Make saving money fun with a personalized piggy bank! Our piggy banks are made with high-grade ceramic and they come in white with 3 different sizes - small (4 1/2" x 4 x 3 1/2"), (large 8" x 7" x 6") and jumbo (10" x 9" x 7"). Large piggy banks are also available in pink and blue! Customize this timeless gift with your grandchild’s name and with one of our many designs to match their personalities! Engraved piggy banks can also teach little ones to manage money and save.

  1. Toy Box
personalized toy box

Cultivate the importance of being tidy and organized with these adorable personalized toy boxes! Seeing their names on their toy boxes can give them a sense of ownership and they will enjoy putting away their toys after playtime, instead of leaving the clean up to mom. See? We told you our gifts will make parents happy too!

  1. Rock and Read Set
personalized rocking chair ready caddy

Create a cozy reading nook for the little readers with a set of our puzzler rocker and book caddys. Encourage your grandkids to develop an interest in reading by filling their book caddy with new books every time! This is a great baby or toddler gift set too.

  1. Growth Chart
personalized growth chart

Instead of leaving marks on the walls, why not get one of our removable personalized growth charts and watch your grandkids literally grow up! Our growth charts come in white and natural wood, and as mentioned, they’re easily removable. This means they can even be moved from room to room or even to a new house - no more leaving childhood memories behind!

  1. Table & Chair Set 
personalized table chair set

Our personalized kids table and chair set is a great versatile gift for your grandkids’ rooms. They can be used for drawing, studying or even for a tea party! We have over 200 designs to match any room decor and they can be easily assembled in 10 minutes or less!

  1. Cash Box
personalized cash box

A cash box is a useful gift for your grandkids to not only safeguard their money but little treasures as well. They come in 5 different base colors - red, blue, pink, purple and white. Of course, they can be customized with your grandkids’ names and over 140 printed designs. It also includes a combination lock for the added security!

  1. Bike Plate
personalized bike plate

Does your grandkid already have a bicycle or a bunch of other toys and you’re out of ideas? Our customized bike license plates make a unique gift that we’re sure they don’t already have. The plates are printed on high-quality aluminum, waterproof, rustproof and UV resistant. Spice up your grandkids ride, whether it’s a bike, scooter, motorized car, or anything else that needs to be labeled! 

  1. Pillowcase
customized pillow case

Bid your grandkids goodnight with our personalized pillowcases. You can add their names and even a short message so they will always be reminded of you! Our pillowcases are made of super-soft, moisture-wicking and breathable 200 thread count soft spun polyesters. We carry a variety of pillow case themes, including sports pillowcasesrainbow pillowcases, gymnastics, butterflies, cars and trucks, construction, and more! 

Pillowcases are available in 2 sizes: Large for full-size pillows and small for crib, cot, travel, toddler. 

Love this list of customized gifts for your grandson and granddaughters? offers a wide array of unique and personalizable gifts for your little ones. Gifts that are sure to bring joy from both the receiver and the giver. If you need help choosing the perfect birthday gift for your grandaughter, grandson, niece, nephew, son, or daughter, feel free to contact us. Our dedicated team is always happy to lend a helping hand!

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