September 7, 2021

Want to encourage your child to read?

It is no secret that too much screen time has negative side effects on children. On the flip side reading has endless benefits on a young mind. Reading is important for language development and expanded imagination. Books allow us to learn about the world (and beyond), the people that live in in, today as well as centuries ago. All without leaving our seat. Books provide instruction on endless subjects, leading to a lifetime of continuous learning.

Build a Love of Reading and set them up for Success!

Exposing kids to books and reading as early as possible is key.

Creating a Reading Corner is a great way to make reading fun. A cozy book nook is to have their very own space to curl up with a book, to escape, to dream.

Turn their "I don't want to read. I just want to play!", into "Mommy, I will be playing in my reading corner." Here's how.

Essential Elements to Create a Reading Nook

  • 1.) A little bit of space Kids love tiny spaces, so a large amount of room is not necessary. A bedroom corner, window seat, closet, teepee, or under the stairs are fun places to stage their reading space.

Our Spindle Child's Rocking Chair is our best selling rocker. The perfect size for toddlers through childhood.

Toy Box Bench is a favorite as it provides a place for both child and adult to sit, as well as a place to store books and toys.

“Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.” - Emilie Buchwald

  • 3.) Good Lighting  Light is very important whether it be natural light by a window or a from a great lamp – We prefer both as reading after dark and before bed is a wonderful habit to establish and there is nothing better than fun shadows casts from a window throughout the day. Overhead, lamps that can safely be turned off and on by the child and positioned as needed are best. Hanging fairy lights can also add a bit of sparkle and fun.

      • 4.) Book Storage Our best-selling Personalized Book Caddy is the ideal book bin. This handy bin holds even oversized books. It displays the books facing outward, so kids are enticed by their colorful covers. Our Personalized Book Rack holds a large amount of books also front facing. Wall mounted shelves hung low are a great option. Or bookshelves free standing or built in. Our Personalized Book Ends can support a large number of books of any size on a bookshelf or surface.

Personalized Book Caddy magazine rack. The best book bin for any size books. Keep your favorite books in reach.

Personalized Bookends - super sturdy, useful and decorative. Available in white or natural wood.

Bookshelf Reading Corner Toddler Room

"There’s no such thing as a kid who hates reading. There are kids who love reading, and kids who are reading the wrong books. "       - James Patterson

  • 5.) Inviting Decor  rBright decorative elements will draw little ones in and make the space their own. A plush rug can be a soft additional place to curl up with a book as well as give the space bounderies. Wall decor is a perfect way to customize the space. Our Wall Plaques to can be customized in a variety of ways. Along with the child's name you can put a favorite inspiration or book quote. Throw Pillows (especially our Personalized Pillowcases) give addition "coz".
  • 6.) Book Buddies  When Mom and Dad are busy, a puppet or plush animal makes the perfect reading companion. Arranging your child's favorite plushies on the floor of this reading corner will make this special space even more inviting.
  • 7.) BOOKS! - The nucleus of any child's library are the BOOKS! This collection can come from collected gifts, yard sales or the local library. The bright covers of children's book should be facing out and at their eye level or lower to attract little ones. Books can even be stood up on their end on the floor. A weekly trip to the library or bookmobile is a great way to keep the inventory fresh and your child engaged.


    •       Kids love tiny spaces, so a large amount of room is not necessary. A bedroom corner, window seat, closet, teepee, or under the stairs are fun places to stage their reading space.

7 Essential Elements for a Cozy Reading Corner

  1. 1.) A Little Bit of Space
  2. 2.) A Comfortable Place to Sit
  3. 3.) Great Lighting
  4. 4.) Book Storage
  5. 5.) Decorative Elements
  6. 6.) Book Buddies
  7. 7.) BOOKS!!

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