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Square Micro Box


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Fill it with tiny treasures. Great space for collector cards, gift cards, coins, Crayons, hair ties, cosmetics, candy, etc. Hinged lid will keep party favor treats and/or little trinkets handy. We hand paint plastic box with your choice of name and sign. Measures 4" x 3 3/4" Available in hot pink or blue. Sample shows Single Heart Balloon design.

***Artist Discretion on Hand-Painted Items: certain hand-painted items are subject to artist discretion. This means that some items will have the design size and placement adjusted along with the name to make sure everything fits appropriately on the item chosen. Please keep this in mind when you are looking at our sample photos and design board. For example, some of our samples show the name in the center of the design, but we may move the name to the top or bottom if it means that the design will be too small on the item you have selected. Please reach out if you have any questions.***