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Embroidered Pink Denim Garment Bag
Embroidered Pink Denim Duffle
Embroidered Fish Backpack Pal
Embroidered Firetruck Backpack Pal
Embroidered Cheetah Insulated Lunch Box
Embroidered Camouflage Tote
Embroidered Camouflage Large Duffle
Embroidered Camouflage Garment Bag
Embroidered Butterfly Backpack Pal
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Outlet Hand Painted Ceramic Purse Bank


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Slight imperfections in the clear glaze keep us from selling these banks for full price, the savings is yours. A great gift for the accessories girl in your life! This adorable purse is a wonderful room accessory and the perfect place for the shoe fund. Trimmed in pink with a coordinating beaded handle. Coin slot at the top and removable rubber stopper for emergency withdrawal. Measures 7"x 7 "x 2"

**These items are hand-painted to order. Artists may have to alter the design size and placement adjusted along with the name to make sure everything fits.