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Change is happening at MyBambino - MyBambino

It’s been a long time since we wrote a blog post.  We have been doing a ton of changes at MyBambino Personalized Giffts over the past 6 months.

We started our year of change building an online previewer for our product. The idea behind this tool  was to be able to give a visual aid for customers to see what the personalized gifts  they would be getting before they purchase the product.  It sounds pretty simple in concept, but it can be more than a little complicated setting it up.  We think that it will be a great tool for the future.  We by building and testing in out on just a few products.  Things went well and now it is live on about 80 gifts.  We hope, in the next year to have a ton of product set up on it.

Our next change was converting all of our luggage and bags from hand painting to embroidery.  We wanted to have our luggage to be more durable and rugged than in the past.  We felt by embroidering luggage and bags, instead of hand painting them, would accomplish this.  Customers are responding very positively.  For us, it’s fantastic to be able to offer another personalization technique in order to keep the business moving forward.  Without a doubt, we are extremely proud of all of our personalized gifts that leave our warehouse.

Lastly, came a big investment in uv printing.  We have been having some difficulty over the years achieving consistency in some of our hand painted product. Because each artist styles are a little different, no two gifts will be exactly the same.  This can be both a blessing and a curse. While many products will still be hand-painted, we were confident that some product would be better offered with printing because of not only the consistency of quality but also the amazing detail in design. Additionally, we added over 100 new detailed designs for our printed product.  We offered our first printed product for sale at the end of August.  Since then, we have sold far more than expected.

With all these changes, we our a little drained here at MyBambino.  Hopefully we can recharge our batteries before the holiday season!